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We host events for everyone all year long! We have monthly events as well as big events like tournaments and scenario games!


We have monthly events that you can come out and enjoy something different or get discounts!

We hold big events such as tournaments, charity events, and more.


We hold certain events monthly! Read them below.
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Ladies Day

Want to come out with your girl friends, sisters, aunts, etc.? Ladies' day is perfect! On the first Sunday of every month, ladies over 10 years of age get free entry and rental! All you have to pay for is paint. ($25 value)

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We have airsoft at our field monthly on the last Saturday of every month. If you'd like to come and play and join the fun, look at the monthly schedule, and read more, visit the "Airsoft" tab or click here.

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kid's rule

Kids Rule!! Kids are the future of paintball and keep us all young, so because of that we are offering 50% off of entry and rental every second Saturday of the month!

This deal applies to all kids 10-16 years old by mention of the deal at check-in. This does not apply to paid reservations or private parties.



We hold big events throughout the year, whether it is tournaments, scnarios, and more. For more up-to-date information on events, check out our social medias.
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