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Things to Know

dynamic paintball things to know
  • We run paintball at our field all day on Saturdays and Sundays, 9:00-5:00.

  • We require people playing .68 caliber paintball to be 10 years old and up.

    • We also offer paintball for younger age groups, read about them here.​

  • .68 caliber paintball can be played publicly and privately.

    • Public play is where you show up and play with whoever else shows up to play.​

    • Private play is where you and your group play only amongst each other and have your own referee.

  • Paintball will always have the possibility of leaving bruises, welts, and cause bleeding when hit.

Dynamic paintball private parties
dynamic paintball things to know


We offer a few different ways to pay to play! Whether you are playing alone, with a few friends, or with a large group, we got you covered!
Dynamic paintball walk ons

If you are coming to play solo or with a couple of friends, this will be your best option for pricing.

Dynamic paintball group star packages

Group packages are best for groups of 5 or more players. This makes payment and dividing paint easy.

Dynamic paintball private parties

Private parties are best for groups of 8 or more who are looking to only play amongst each other.


We offer military discounts at our field as a thanks for keeping us free and safe. Provide proof of Military ID and receive free airsoft entry.


We only allow the use of paintballs bought at our facility. No outside paint is allowed.

dynamic paintball paintball pricing
100 Rounds
250 Rounds
500 Rounds


We do not allow anyone to walk on after 3:30 due to the amount of time needed to set up and play.

dynamic paintball gear upgrades
All-Day Air
Gear Upgrades
- Mask with helmet
- 2-Pod Pack
- Chest Protector
Basic Rental
- Semi-auto marker
- Mask
- Chest protectors for women
- All day air
Electronic Rental
- Electronic marker
- Mask
- Chest protectors for women
- Pod Pack
- All day air
*Must be 13 years or older*
Sniper Rental
- Sniper marker
- Mask
- Chest protectors for women
- Magfed Vest w/ 2 Mags
- All day air
*Must be 13 years or older*
dynamic paintball gun upgrades


Star Packages are for public play, not private play. Click here to read about private parties.

1 Star Package

- Normally enough ammo for 1 hour of play

- Contains complete semi-auto paintball gun setups, face masks, unlimited air refills, and roughly 150 paintballs per person.