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We offer yearly memberships to make playing paintball regularly more affordable! We offer 2 different types of memberships, check them out below!

Example of Savings With Membership:

                              Non Member        Member

Entry                         $15.00              Included

All Day HPA              $8.00                Included

500 Rounds              $20.00              $12.00  

TOTAL                        $43.00              $12.00

Dynamic yearly membership cannot be used for events or tournaments. Replacing lost cards cost $5. Sponsored teams are not required to purchase speedball pass. Discounts cannot be combined with other sales/promotions. Membership can only be used for and by the person listed on the membership, so no buying paint for other people. Free entry is not valid for private groups, tournaments, or special events. Membership IDs are required at purchase/check-in in order to receive discounts.

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