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If you plan to come out to Dynamic Paintball regularly, we recommend getting our yearly membership! Paintball can be expensive, and it is easy to get addicted to the adrenaline rush and excitement even after your very first time playing. Our yearly membership is your opportunity to make regular play and new equipment more affordable. We know that many of our players like to come and play any chance they can, so we started this membership as a way to extend our appreciation to our customers and pass more savings on to you. With the added benefits of field discounts, bring a friend daily passes, and special parks that this program offers, there's no reason for you not to come and play as often as you like.

Dynamic Yearly Membership Includes:

- Unlimited yearly walk-on admission for Saturdays and Sundays ($13 value every time you come out to play) **Not valid for private groups, tournaments, or special events**

- $9 off each bag of 500 paintball purchases ($11.00 a bag, $44.00 a case!) **Cannot be combined with other discounts or sales. Not valid for tournaments or events**

- All-day HPA tank fills ($8 value every time you come out to play)

- 4 "Bring a Friend" play passes including rental package ($100 value)

- Member express check-in

- Free water, candy, chips, and soda coupons

- 10% - 15% discount on all merchandise **does not include paintball gun repairs**

- Membership Renews after the first year for $100 ($25 value)

Example of Savings With Membership:

                              Non Member        Member

Entry                         $13.00              Included

All Day HPA              $8.00                Included

500 Rounds              $20.00              $11.00  

TOTAL                        $41.00              $11.00

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