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This is where all recreational play happens! This field is 5.5 acres and we break it down into separate maps for different types of gameplay (such as bomb, spindle, goldrush, etc.). All public play happens on this field, and private play comes out here too!

This field contains dirt/grassy hills, abandoned vehicles, bunkers made out of wood/plastic/metal, an alamo, and houses!

dynamic paintball facility recball


Our airball field is made up of air-filled bunkers and turf. This field is used only for our competitive and speedball players, it is used for a high-paced style of play. You can read more about speedball here.

This field is larger than NXL standard and the turf is in great condition and laid out well. These bunkers change constantly, mostly to match with layouts of upcoming events.

dynamic paintball facility airball
dynamic paintball facility staging area


Our staging area is a great place to host! This area is smack-dab in the middle of our property, with the airball field, recball field, hyperball field, and our check-in boxes surrounding it. 

This is a great place to host your birthday party/event with cake and food, pinatas, games, and more!


We have a large graveled parking lot with plenty of room to park! Please ensure you are not parking along any nets or roads.

There is a tendency for parked cars to get hit with paintballs. But not to worry! These hits are always bounces (they are not coming directly from a paintball gun) and will just leave you with paint on your car. 

dynamic paintball facility parking lot
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