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dynamic paintball .50 cal party
dynamic paintball .50 cal party
.50 caliber semi auto paintball dynamic paintball

.50 cal semi-auto paintball



Looking for a private party that is the perfect in-between of super-low impact and regular paintball? .50 caliber semi-auto paintball will be perfect for you and your group!


.50 caliber paintballs are smaller paintballs that make less of an impact when you are hit. Using these paintballs in semi-auto paintball guns gives the same feeling of playing regular paintball, but less intense. This is perfect for the younger kids who don't fit the age group of paintball or are nervous and want to try something easier for the first time.

Requirements for .50 cal semi-auto private parties:

- Ages 8 years and older

- Minimum of 8 players for weekend private groups

- Minimum of 10 players for weekday private groups

- Reservation REQUIRED

WEEKEND .50 cal Semi-Auto Private Parties

- Saturday & Sunday, Reservation Required

- Rental Equipment Included

Up to 8 players, 4000 total paintballs - $500

Up to 12 players, 6000 total paintballs - $650

Up to 16 players, 8000 total paintballs - $800

Up to 20 players, 10000 total paintballs - $950

Over 20 players - please call 303-799-9911

.50 caliber semi auto paintball dynamic paintball
dynamic paintball .50 cal party

WEEKDAY .50 cal Semi-Auto Private Parties

- Monday-Friday, Reservation Required

- Rental Equipment Included

Up to 10 players, 5000 total paintballs - $500

Up to 15 players, 7500 total paintballs - $675

Up to 20 players, 10000 total paintballs - $800

Up to 25 players, 12500 total paintballs - $875

Over 25 players, 500 paintballs per person - $35 per player

All bookings have a chance of being canceled and/or rescheduled if the weather is below 40 degrees fahrenheit or if it is actively raining or snowing. We will contact you prior to the day you have booked to let you know and do our best to reschedule you to a day that will work. We will fully refund your money if you are unable to reschedule, but we can not offer discounts or anything of the sort for the cancellation or having to reschedule because the weather is unfortunately out of our control. 

- Cash, Visa, MasterCard, and Discover, and Apple Pay are accepted at our field. All credit card transactions will have a 2.5% processing fee.

- We are not able to accept any Paintball Tickets, Coupons, Groupon, Weekly Plus or Living Social discount offers on weekdays (Monday-Friday).

- Dynamic Paintball & Airsoft offers free field entry for active military personnel, It is our way of saying thanks for keeping us free and safe.

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