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dynamic paintball and airsoft
Dynamic Paintball Airsoft


dynamic paintball and airsoft



dynamic paintball airsoft pricing

Field Fee: $20.00 per player for all-day play

Rentals: We, Dynamic Paintball, do not offer rental airsoft guns at this time. If you would like to talk to someone about renting equipment for our monthly airsoft days, contact Big Red Airsoft.


All Day High-Pressure Air: $8.00 (Up to 4500 psi fills)


BB's: $15.00 per bag (.20 - .32 available)


Military Discount: $5 off of entry and BBs that we sell.

  • ID proof of active military, individual military families, or veterans required.

  • Free entry may not be used in the case of other promotional offers.

All bookings have a chance of being canceled and/or rescheduled if the weather is below 40 degrees fahrenheit or if it is actively raining or snowing. We will contact you prior to the day you have booked to let you know and do our best to reschedule you to a day that will work. We will fully refund your money if you are unable to reschedule, but we can not offer discounts or anything of the sort for the cancellation or having to reschedule because the weather is unfortunately out of our control. 

- Cash, Visa, MasterCard, and Discover, and Apple Pay are accepted at our field. All credit card transactions will have a 2.5% processing fee.

- We are not able to accept any Paintball Tickets, Coupons, Groupon, Weekly Plus, or Living Social discount in regards to airsoft.

- Dynamic Paintball & Airsoft offers free field entry for active military personnel, It is our way of saying thanks for keeping us free and safe.

- Contact Big Red Airsoft for any questions pertaining to renting airsoft equiptment.


dynamic paintball airsoft schedule 2023


For 2023, we will be having our monthly airsoft days on the last Saturday of every month. We also have paintball on these days.

- January 28, 2023

- February 25, 2023

- March 25, 2023

- April 29, 2023

- May 27, 2023

- June 24, 2023

- July 29, 2023

- August 26, 2023

- September 30, 2023

- October 28, 2023

- November 25, 2023

- December 30, 2023



dynamic paintball airsoft chrono limits

(with a 0.32g bb)

- SMG - <=1.00J

- Full Auto.

- No MED.

- Pistol Caliber Round.

- Pistol - <=1.50J

- No MED.

- Rifle - <=1.50J

- Semi Only.

- No MED.

- DMR / SPR / MR - <=1.87J

- Semi Locked (cannot go full auto).

- 50ft MED.

- Must carry sidearm @ <=1.50J.


- Full Auto Locked (cannot go semi).

- 50ft MED.

- Must carry sidearm @ <=1.50J.

- Sniper - <=2.87J

- Bolt Action Only.

- 100ft MED.

- Must carry sidearm @ <=1.50J.

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