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dynamic paintball gelly ball
gelly ball orbeez dynamic paintball
gelly ball orbeez dynamic paintball

gelly ball

Gelly ball is a perfect alternative to messy paintball. For ages 6 and up, you and your group can have a fun-filled day playing with these battery-operated, fully automatic pistols that shoot water-filled balls (also known as orbeez). 


When reserving this private party, your group will be receiving 2 hoppers worth of gelly balls with your entry ($25) per person. For any additional hoppers, it will be $5 each. You will be playing amongst only your group, and you will have your own private referee. 


See below for more requirements for reserving a gotcha private party.

- 6 years old and up

- 8 player minimum, 12 player maximum

- Morning session: 10:00 AM / Afternoon session: 1:00 PM

- 2.5-hour sessions

- Private party reservation required

- Saturday and Sunday ONLY

- No walk-on play

- No discount coupons or specials combined are accepted

- We try to avoid playing gellyball in cold temperatures

At just $25 per player and $5 for extra hoppers, you and all the young ones can get in on this fun!

You can book online or call us at 303-799-9911.

gelly ball orbeez dynamic paintball
gelly ball orbeez dynamic paintball

All bookings have a chance of being canceled and/or rescheduled if the weather is below 40 degrees fahrenheit or if it is actively raining or snowing. We will contact you prior to the day you have booked to let you know and do our best to reschedule you to a day that will work. We will fully refund your money if you are unable to reschedule, but we can not offer discounts or anything of the sort for the cancellation or having to reschedule because the weather is unfortunately out of our control. 

- Cash, Visa, MasterCard, and Discover, and Apple Pay are accepted at our field. All credit card transactions will have a 2.5% processing fee.

- We are not able to accept any Paintball Tickets, Coupons, Groupon, Weekly Plus or Living Social discount offers on weekdays (Monday-Friday).

- Dynamic Paintball & Airsoft offers free field entry for active military personnel, It is our way of saying thanks for keeping us free and safe.

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